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About Edexcel.

At IQRA International School, we are proud to offer the globally recognized Pearson Edexcel (formerly known as “London Examinations”) International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum. Powered by Edexcel, the largest awarding body in the UK for academic and vocational qualifications, our school is committed to providing a world-class education. Edexcel, a key player in the Pearson Group, boasts over a century of experience, and its qualifications are respected worldwide for their commitment to educational excellence.

Edexcel’s International Qualifications.

The International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) is tailored for students aged 14-16, aligning seamlessly with Class 10 standards in India. Updated in 2009, the IGCSE curriculum offers cutting-edge education, incorporating the latest references, innovative assessment models, and a wealth of online and offline teaching resources. The General Certificate for Education (GCE) AS & A Levels, designed for students aged 16-18, corresponds to Classes 11 and 12 in India. The 2008 specifications adhere to international standards, providing a comprehensive educational foundation.

Advantages of Edexcel International GCSE Curriculum.

Our students benefit from the globally recognized Edexcel International GCSE curriculum, celebrated for nurturing essential skills such as recall of knowledge, oral proficiency, problem-solving, teamwork, initiative, and investigative abilities. This qualification serves as a solid foundation for advanced courses, including the Advanced International Certificate of Education, North American Advanced Placement program, and the International Baccalaureate.

The flexible nature of the Edexcel International GCSE curriculum empowers candidates to tailor their studies to align with their interests. This student-friendly approach fosters critical thinking, encouraging students to explore beyond conventional boundaries. The curriculum is widely acknowledged as a reliable indicator of academic achievement, facilitating entry into universities and colleges worldwide.

Moreover, an excellent grade in International GCSE English as a Second Language is universally accepted by universities in the UK, Canada, and Australia as evidence of English language proficiency. Similarly, International GCSE Science equips students with scientific skills applicable to daily life, fostering an awareness of the impact of scientific applications on individuals and the environment.

In India, the International GCSE is deemed equivalent to the 10th grade of other Indian boards, with Edexcel recognized as an approved board and an associate member of the Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE). Additionally, GCE ‘A’ levels of Edexcel are acknowledged by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as equivalent to the +2 stage qualification of an Indian board, opening doors to bachelor’s degree programs across all Indian universities. At IQRA International School, we take pride in offering a curriculum that transcends borders and prepares our students for success on the global stage.