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Discover the impact of IQRA International School through the voices of those who matter most – our students, parents, and staff. Their experiences and insights reflect the transformative education, nurturing environment, and strong community that define our school. 

Assalamualikum wa rahmatul hi wa barkatuhu...alhamdulliah very good school and environment even I was frustrated for books but when I spoke receptionist ayesha madam alhamdullilah concept of explaining in islamic way as this is not their school as our child also in that school it is our school also..and many times I tried contacting in many ways the answer was best I got that patience is what we all need to have for sake of Allah is best thinking .. we all are one let us make our child school best by cooperating each other with school staff. Hope to see good islamic staff .

Arshiya Khan


Alhumdulillah the school is beyond excellence....the staff is very cooperative.... experienced faculty and quality education for children. It provide education which is best for duniya and aaqirah.muallims are also best.individual attention is given in hifdth program and also academics

Naaz Fatima


My children LOVE this school – from the teachers to the students to the curriculum. Iqra international integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values, and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons. The teachers are engaging, lively and energetic. They are patient and encouraging with both kids and parents. If you are looking for a place for your child I highly recommend you stop in for a tour. Alhumdulillah proud to be a part of iqra for 10 years and looking forward for more years to come.

Tarannum Imran


Excellent Education given for students both in Deen n Knowledge of this world. What else do we need to rise righteous child... Hat off to school and teachers who takecares with all parents needs. Since we live in Qatar, doing online schooling. I really wish Iqra International School have a Branch in Qatar so we don't miss out offline school.. All the best n best wish.

Sanaa Shamraz


Masha Allah barakallah... Alhamdulillah a source from Allah subhanuhutala.. Insha Allah a best school for our child to learn islamic values... Iqra promotes academic excellence in caring and learning at islamic environment...

Ayesha Siddiqua


Iqra International School is the best school with very advanced and innovative methods of teaching. Teachers work hard and with dedication to make learning easy and fun for the students. However Iqra needs to work hard for the improvements in the infrastructure and playground facilities. The premises where the school currently operates can not compete with the campus of other reputed International Schools in Bangalore. The open space attached to the school used for PE is not enough. The big ground namely IGV is too far from the main school and inaccessible to the students. The Management should seriously think about this feedback and do something about it. Thank you.

Altaf Banday