The admission procedure for every academic year commences on the 1st December of the preceding year.
A pre-arranged appointment needs to be taken for a Campus visit.

  1. The parent/guardian of the child needs to visit our office between 9am to 4pm from Monday to Saturday to collect an Admission Kit, which includes the Brochure, Fee Information, Fee Policy and the Application Form.
  2. If you choose to admit the child at IQRA, you need to submit a duly filled application form with the required supporting documents.
  3. Depending on the class admission is sought, the process varies:

    • Montessori/Kindergarden:An orientation meeting will be held between the parent/guardian and the Head of Junior School, for which a date and time will be allotted.
    • Grade 1 to Grade 5: Parents’ will be called for an interaction with the Head of Junior School, to understand the need of the student, for effective learning.
    • Grade 6 and above: Parents’ will be called along with the student, for a written test in English and Maths. On the same day the Principal of the school will also be meeting the parent and the student.
  4. Admission decision will be communicated to the parent/guardian within 24hours.
  5. If Admission is granted, a one time admission fees and the first quarterly fees need to be paid immediately to book the seat.
  6. Further documents (if required) needs to be submitted to the school.
  7. Information regarding the purchase of Books and Uniform will be available in the school.

For any detail not covered in this page, please feel free to contact the school