At IQRA International School we have the following (Click them to know more):

Harmoniously blending with the Islamic view of a child’s fitrah (nature), the ‘Montessori methodology’ adopted at IQRA International School (IIS) is an exceptional system. It is characterized by providing the students freedom of choice, and respect for their natural development whilst promoting independent learning. IIS provides one of the best Montessori set-ups in India, successfully using Montessori material for hands-on learning, Alhamdulillah. We believe that Montessori learning is learning for life! Therefore, here at IIS, our focus is to link our children with Allah in everything they do and develop a strong foundation for their entire lives.

Montessori is a 3 years’ comprehensive program, which starts at the age of 2.8 and may go up to 6 +. The time since birth until the age of 6 is considered as the ‘golden period’ for a child to learn, understand and grow. We use this golden period to make our students independent by giving them experiences to explore as well as steering them towards value based life. This program ensures that the students are able to work at their own pace and are given ample time in the needed areas of development without undue pressure.

Providing an ideal environment, IIS Montessori is equipped especially to ensure effective and maximal development of the students. For this purpose, students can access a complete range of high quality Montessori materials and have opportunities to benefit from hands-on activities. The school has an excellent learning environment based on the values of life; which inspires, guides and celebrates the students’ efforts and achievements.

IIS also promotes healthy eating habits, concepts of sharing and mutual respect. With two teachers in every class, we have a remarkably low student to teacher ratio of 7:1 which helps us to give individual attention to each child. Trained teachers inculcate Islamic values into everyday life and teaching. They encourage questions, inspire creativity and strive to make every learner experience success.

If you choose to not take the montessori approach, we have regular kindergarten. At 3 years, your child is independent and has better coordination, concentration and sense of order. He is ready to embark on the next journey of the three-year development cycle at our kindergarten. In his preparation for life, our little kindergartner will move freely and independently throughout the carefully prepared environment for him to maximise his learning in five key areas:

  • Practical Life (Amaal)
  • Sensorial Education (Hawwas)
  • Language (al-Lughat)
  • Mathematics (Ilm al-Hisab)
  • Culture (al-Thaqafah)

IQRA International School Primary will be following the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus, UK. We currently have from Grade 1 to Grade 7 for the academic year starting June, 2017. Every year we will be adding a new grade, such that our Grade 7 students will move to Grade 8 and so on. We hope to inshaAllah have till Grade 12 by Academic Year 2022.