Annual Event, High School

Sports Day – 2022-23

About the Event.

Celebrating Excellence in Sports and Unity in Our Community

Welcome to Iqra International School Sports Day! This annual event is a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and the vibrant spirit of our school/organization community. Sports Day is not just a day of competitions; it’s a day where we come together to foster healthy competition, teamwork, and camaraderie.

Our Tradition of Excellence For 10 years, we have been fostering a culture of physical fitness and a love for sports among our students. Sports Day is a proud tradition that showcases the dedication and hard work of our athletes and the unwavering support of our parents and teachers.

The Essence of Sports Day Sports Day is a day of excitement and energy, where the entire school cheers on our athletes. It’s a day where students challenge themselves, display their skills, and learn the values of sportsmanship, fair play, and determination.

Our Mission
  • Fostering Talent: We aim to identify and nurture the sporting talents within our school, providing them with a platform to shine.
  • Promoting Physical Fitness: Sports Day underscores our commitment to physical fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Building Team Spirit: Through team events and competitions, we encourage teamwork and unity among our students.

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Event details.

Date: 24 Dec 2022

Time: 8 am Onwards

Location: National Games village

Location map.

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