Association with Upschool

July 6, 2023


🌐 Exciting News from Iqra International School and Upschool!


Iqra International School is thrilled to announce its partnership with Upschool, an innovative online learning platform dedicated to empowering students and teachers. At the heart of Upschool’s mission is the commitment to nurturing students’ voices, refining their messages, and instilling collaboration skills to inspire positive change in the world.


Upschool’s distinctive ‘Purposeful Learning Framework’ (PLF) revolutionizes traditional education, prioritizing intention-based learning. This framework aims to cultivate purpose-driven education, providing students from Grade 3 to 10 at Iqra International School with the skills, knowledge, and values to address global challenges and make meaningful social, environmental, and economic impacts.


To get started, Iqra students can log in to the Upschool website using their school email address as both username and password. Students have the flexibility to change their passwords whenever necessary. For instance:

Username: [email protected]

Password: [email protected]


Once logged in, the learning adventure begins! Students have the opportunity to enroll in various FREE courses and explore the plethora of resources available on Check out some of our most popular courses:


Excitingly, all Iqra International School students are now eligible for a 100% FREE Canva for Education account through Upschool. Canva is an indispensable tool for creative tasks, and as members of the Upschool community, students enjoy FREE access to the premium version of Canva.


👉 Register for your FREE premium Canva account by clicking here.


For a quick tour on navigating the Upschool website, watch our tutorial:


Empower your learning journey with Upschool and Iqra International School – where education meets innovation! 🚀📚