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Sports Day – 2023-24

About the Event.

Energize, Compete, Triumph: Iqra International School Sports Day 2024

Welcome to the heart of athleticism, camaraderie, and spirited competition – IQRATHON 2024! Our school takes immense pride in fostering not just academic excellence but also a holistic development that includes the nurturing of sporting talent and a passion for physical fitness.

Since its inception, Iqra International School Sports Day has been a celebrated tradition, eagerly awaited by students, parents, and faculty alike. It’s a day when the entire school community comes together to witness the prowess of our young athletes and celebrate the joy of healthy competition.

Our Tradition of Excellence

For 11 years, we have been fostering a culture of physical fitness and a love for sports among our students. Sports Day is a proud tradition that showcases the dedication and hard work of our athletes and the unwavering support of our parents and teachers.

Inclusive Participation:

Our Sports Day is not just about winning; it’s about participation, teamwork, and the joy of giving your best. We encourage students of all skill levels to actively engage in the various events, promoting a sense of inclusivity and fostering a love for sports that lasts a lifetime.

Our Mission

  • Fostering Talent: We aim to identify and nurture the sporting talents within our school, providing them with a platform to shine.
  • Promoting Physical Fitness: Sports Day underscores our commitment to physical fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Building Team Spirit: Through team events and competitions, we encourage teamwork and unity among our students.

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Event details.

Date: 21 Dec 2023

Time: 8 am Onwards

Location: Iqra Games Village

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