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Iqra Premier League- 2023-24

About the Event.

In the picturesque setting of our beautiful IGV ground, amidst the early summer breeze, fathers and teaching staff came together for an exhilarating 2nd IPL(Iqra Premier League) cricket tournament held on 24th Feb 2024.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and camaraderie as 3 teams ( 2 teams from Iqra International school Management and staff and 1 fathers) showcased their skills on the pitch. It was a hot day with the temperatures soaring at 31 degrees. The tournament began with Iqra Kings facing Fathers team Iqra Predators. It was a good match with Predators coming Victorious by Good run rate. The second match was more of a run feast between two teams of the school Iqra Kings vs Iqra Warriors, Iqra warriors won the match by a huge margin. Third match was the final between Warriors and Predators. It was a Great hard fought match with both teams giving their best performance on the ground.

In the end, it was the teaching staff team “IQRA WARRIORS” who emerged victorious, clinching the coveted cup and etching their triumph into the memories of all who attended. It is just a beginning as many more such trophies are lined up for coming years InshaAllah.

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Event details.

Date:  24 Feb 2024

Time: 8 am Onwards

Location: Iqra Games Village

Location map.

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